domingo, 13 de Julho de 2014

ACW-Fire and Fury, 20mm- Gettysburg buildings, part 2

These are just finished and intend to represent some more buildings for the 1st day of the battle of Gettysburg (1st of July, 1863). 

Thompson's house is one of the pieces of scenery necessary to play Buford's defence on the Chambersburg pike.

McPherson's barn was another place for Buford's defence soon lost to Heth's Division. 

McLean's farm was close to Oak hill and saw Ewell's attack.

The full latest lot. 

And how was this done? Pretty simple stuff as you can see from the unpainted Thompson's house:

You just need -
1- Some good images of the real thing.
2- Card, the stronger the better. 
3- Plywood or other wood you have for the base.
4- Windows and doors glued to the walls as a saving measure.
5- Styrofoam chimneys with a hard card top part. 
6- Electric glue to put everything together.
Don't forget the golden rules of Wargaming buildings: make it smaller than the real thing ( otherwise you will not have anything else but built up areas in your table ) and only make windows and door with the real size. And, if necessary, save on the number of windows.

Of course painting is the secret for a good finish. You start with black acrylics all over and the usual darker to lighter colours follows. 

You can also see other buildings of the 1st day of Gettysburg in previous posts namely the Lutheran seminary and the Evergreen Cemitery gate house, along with generic houses for the city itself. 

terça-feira, 24 de Junho de 2014

Rapid Fire! 20mm - Walcheren LVT-4

The Airfix LVT-4 Buffalo is a nice kit that also offers a Jeep for free (or the Airfix Jeep offers a Buffalo it depends on the thing you are after).

I just made a few changes: 
ammo boxes and mantlets for the MG's;
- antennae;
- crew;
- and stowage. 

The crew comes from the Matchbox Falklands British paratroopers deprived of the FN rifles of course. They look quite similar to the winter dress the British RMC used on late 1944.

Other crew are the Revell British infantry with Milliput berets. 

The full RF! 8 x Buffalo fleet for Walcheren. 

domingo, 15 de Junho de 2014

Fire and Fury 20mm - Gettysburg 1863 - Slocum's XII army corps (at last!!)

More important than this post is this news: Sporting has just became once more champion of this portuguese Futsal season  !!!

This said I present you my latest work and quite boring in some moments it was : the last 5 brigades for F&F Union XII corps. 

After painting more then 3000 plastic and metal 1/72nd soldiers for the Gettysburg battle I ran out of minis with frock, sack or whatever small coat and had to use the greatcoat ones to finish this large unit. 

Nothing really to do with the hot July days in which the battle occurred. 

On the other hand I can start to think about the battle of Fredericksburg and those long lines of Union  infantry assaulting Marye's Heights all clad in greatcoats... 

The flag bearers are made out of Revell sharpshooters with GreenStuff hands.

The divisional and corps commanders are StreletsR figures that resembled as much as possible the original commanders like Slocum, Geary and Williams. These came both from confederate and union sets. 

Here and there some head swaps were needed for the sake of diversity. 

The rank and file are the usual Revell, Italeri and Imex, all greatcoat dressed. 

With one brigade and all corps artillery already painted for the XII corps these 5 brigade ended maybe 20 years of painting Gettysburg figures. 

The regimental flags are taken from the web. 

The divisional and corps flags are hand painted.  

I can finally say uffffffff... 

Now all seven Union and three Confederate corps are ready for the refight. 

One day hope to show you my full Gettysburg F&F Union and Confederate armies. Be patient my faithful followers as it's a lot of figures and I'll need time to portray them. Meanwhile you can comment favourably en masse this post :)

sábado, 14 de Junho de 2014

Pineapple miniatures 20mm - Waterloo lancers and individual minis - Buçaco 1810

New 20mm both boxes and individual hit the shelves of the Buçaco museum: 

20 mm Portuguese and French grenadiers. 

Spanish (Talavera 1809) and French line. 

Polish Blue lancers for Waterloo 1815.

Dutch Red lancers for Waterloo 1815.
Next there will be more boxes for Waterloo as the 200th anniversary of this battle is closing by.

sábado, 3 de Maio de 2014

Impetus, 20mm - Mohacs 1526- part 3, Hungarian crossbowmen

In Extra Impetus 3 is referred the need for  3 bases maximum crossbowmen S in the Jagellion army list.

I made a few more and later I'll save on archers S. Do you mind, Sartori? In fact I would have the extra crossbowmen hanging around doing nothing and so they turned Hungarian...

The figures are Zvezda with two officers from Ottoman Lucky Toys turned also into standard bearers. 

The standards are photocopies of the ones I placed for printing in a past article.

The Zvezda figures are just great. 

Sometimes so much detail even hampers painting but overall they are probably the best around.

The shield patterns are taken from those nice video games from the web and from visits to local museums.

domingo, 27 de Abril de 2014

Rapid Fire! 20mm, D-Day/ Normandy 44, Airfix S-7 Schnellboot

This 1975 model is a fine example of what drove thousands of modellers into our hobby: a very complete and detailed kit representing a famous weapon of WWII.
Not bad for such a 40 YO model. I read that some of details are not accurate but what the heck it looks great when finished!

Of course it has his drawbacks, namely if compared with the newer S-100 from Revell, like many flimsy parts that will self destroy if used, specially, for Wargaming.

But overall a great kit, well detailed, with some excellent crew models and it really looks like the real thing. 

The rigging is thin cord from a sewing kit.

Like many Airfix kits the underwater part is separate which allows the model to be portrayed in a wargames base. 

As always everything is paintbrush. The base is a piece of balsa wood textured with silycone.

I may have rusted it too much wanting to portray an old Schnellboot (model S-7) on D-Day times.

The crew is the native 5 crew from Airfix plus several Esci and Preiser crewmen painted as seamen. 

quinta-feira, 17 de Abril de 2014

Pineapple Miniatures - first of the first - Brunswick Army, Quatre-Bras1815

How could I forget to take a picture of the 1st Pineapple of them all?

Of course! No one would think that Pineapple Miniature could reach the world wide prestige it holds now as number 1 product for sale at the Museu Militar do Buçaco! 

The first was a large box packed with 30 Brunswick miniatures - infantry, cavalry  and artillery - Esci transformed miniatures, including a figure of the Duke itself from Waterloo1815.

The flags are hand painted in paper. I remember using avıdly the excellent Osprey book on the subject for painting and scratch building my Brunswickers.

I found this rarity in Izmir, Turkey by puuuuure coincidence in OB house.

How was this possible? ��