terça-feira, 19 de junho de 2018

Rapid Fire! France 1940 in 20mm - RAF aircraft

Well, nothing that was planned came out and instead some older kits decided to pose for the camera. Here several RAF squadrons pass over the village of Bleu Ciel on the way to another strafing mission. 

This Fairey Battle is an Airfix model. I need to find another one as this light bomber was numerous in the French 1940 campaign. 

The sole Bolton Paul Defiant is an Altaya Die-cast model. I repainted it as the original camouflage was black for night fighting. 

The Hurricanes are clockwise: Airfix, Altaya and Matchbox. I need to find at least one Blenheim bomber and a Lysander for reconnaissance to complete the group of British aircraft for France 1940.

Next: German aircraft for France 1940. 

domingo, 17 de junho de 2018

Rapid Fire! France 1940 in 20mm - Motorized Dragoon battalion from the DLM

A French  Motorised Dragoon battalion deploys behind some stone walls near Forêt D'Arbres (?!!!). Most of the vehicles and motorcycles are SHQ with Hotchkisses from S-Models. The dismounted motorcyclists are EWM.
The Laffly S20 from SHQ are lovely and simple models. In fact a bit too simple as they need a driver (copy from Skytrex) and a FM24/29 LMG firer.
The LMG firer was made from the torso of a Caesar figure, the one standing with its rifle at rest, with new arms made of putty and plastic Bren LMG's turned into Chatelleraux's with a few cuts here and there.
The Laffly S20TL CC is another  beauty with the usual extra flimsy 25mm gun barrel that SHQ likes so much. I know that like this it shows the real size but it also becomes too fragile. I had to place a plastic piece at the muzzle as there was nothing in its place.
The figures are Hat and they fit quite nice inside the vehicle. Are Hat and SHQ working together ?...
I could not find any reference as were to place the ramps of the  25mm gun so I placed them on both sides of the gun crew compartment.
I placed another two Bren LMG's conversions on the SHQ side-cars.
The dismounted Motorcycle squadron is EWM. Chunky and lively figures they are a pleasure to paint.
The H-39 from S-models are in fact for the  regiments of the DLM and DCR not for the reconnaissance squadron of the Dragoon regiment as these use the H-35. I added some stowage and crew from Lancer Miniatures and also an antenna from an Altaya Somua to the command version in first plan. My total of H-39 is 14 at the moment with only two missing to the total of 16 necessary for any of the DLM or DCR.
Next:  Probably a few German AFV's for 1940 or Portuguese 2008 I have cueing for a long time but that also  depends on the mailman...

segunda-feira, 11 de junho de 2018

Rapid Fire! France 1940 in 20mm - Reinforcements for both allies.

In another traffic clogged crossroads right in the middle of the village of Carrefour Fou an allied mixed force of tanks and bicycle takes the oportunity for using the roads while the many refugees are having a picnic under the shades of the neighbouring woods...
One more Vickers MK VIc this time from Lancer Miniatures for the 1st Armoured Division. I only replaced the extra thin metal barrel with plastic and added a PSC crewman.
And four more A13 MK I from S-Models. The usual extras are the smoke dischargers, turret headlight and handlers, antenna and PSC figure. I finished 10 of the necessary 11 A13 MKI for 1st AD. Now the main problem will be to find an even bigger number of A13 MKII. Wait for a plastic version, or not wait for a plastic version that is the question...

No, its not the 1940 Tour de France (I just checked, it didn't exist in that year coming back again only in 1947) but the two squadrons from the 5eme DLC forced to ride bicycles.

The figures are EWM and quite nice they are. I was a bit afraid that the heads of EWM would be too big after seeing their website pictures but they fit quite well with most of the plastic figures, specially with the Hat cavalrymen. Figure, bicycle and weapon are all separate and the end result is quite good. I used GW Liquid GreenStuff to erase the detail of the putees and turn them into cavalry boots.

Finally four more H39 joined the ranks with a few others on the way. Again S-Models coming directly from China. The camouflage is the last one used. There were units in which roundels or big numbers were taken out as soon as the unit arrived to the combat zone but French markings are too beautiful to be left aside.  
Next: something around the same theme.