Saturday, 28 January 2012

28mm AOE1815 Waterloo- Marcognet Division

Marcognet Division with General D´Erlon himself leading. There is a mix of metal and plastic Perry minis and Victrix.

Flags are out of the box paper flags by Perry Miniatures.

The Aide de Camp of D´Erlon is also Perry metal. A nice moving figure climbing atop of his horse.

Some figures, like the 1st voltigeur, has Victrix and Perry parts.

The famous FN 100 Perry reference (plastic french Inf.) has loads of modelling possibilities allowing the Pokalem and the Bonnet the police to be portrayed in many figures, besides being able to create many different moving and firing figures.

"General D´Erlon, the British Heavy cavalry is coming . We are F******"

Drummers and flag bearers are Victrix plastics.


  1. As figuras não merecem o fotógrafo que lhes saiu na rifa (olha que é um foto-especialista a falar...). Então não ficava melhor se tirasses as fotos com as figuras numa base de cor verde?
    Dito isto, só me resta dizer: outstanding paint job, JP!

  2. A bandeira parece mesmo real - Excelente.
    "28 mm" - huge pieces I wonder how the artillery will be..-:)