Wednesday, 28 November 2012

AOE 20mm- 59eme régiment the Ligne- Battle of Buçaco 1810

With this post I´m starting to show you my own reconstitution of the armies that fought the battle of Buçaco, 27th September, 1810. All figures are plastic 1/72nd/20mm figures with a few metal. The basing is for AOE (Age of Eagles) rule set with a few changes as you will see.

This battle was the biggest ever fought in Portuguese soil and I am fortunate to live 20 km from that place and look there many times  for inspiration (besides Buçaco also is also responsible for the birth of Pineapple Miniatures, the last big miniatures enterprise emerging in the wargaming cosmos!!!).

This collection started many years ago and I am now with something like 95% of the 5000 necessary miniatures already painted and based.

The last one was the 59eme régiment the Ligne of Ney Corps.

The command stand was made from the YKREOL French infantry, very funny and imaginative figures, besides being compatible with the HAT  French Infantry 1808-12.
Here they are all mixed,  YREOL and HAT.
I´ve changed the bases from AOE placing 3 lines of French infantry as they fought actually in 3 lines.



Next posts will show the regiments grouped by brigades as showing some 105 regiments would be tedious.


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  1. Qual "tedious" qual carapuça!
    Queremos ver os 105 regimentos sim senhor!!!