Monday, 18 March 2013

Corunna military museum

Last week spent a few hours in the Corunna military museum in Galicia, Spain while on a tour with my pupils. It's a very lovely and diversified museum with several floors, a nice shop, dioramas, true weapons, everything very well presented in a classical, sober style.

8 pdr french Gribeauval gun system.

Oerlikon 20mm(?). No! to the right! The girl on the left is Maria, one of the pupils.

They also have some super 1/35th dioramas on the War of Independence, as they call to the French Napoleonic Wars in Spain. The one above was inspired on a painting by Àlvarez Cueto.

The dioramas are filled with conversions from the Italeri; Hat; ESCI, etc boxes.

The coastal forts dioramas are something...

Battle of Corunna (Elvina) 1809 in 42mm. Awesome!...

As the previous Pope, Cardinal Ratzinger, was part of an AA unit in the last days of the Reich, I felt entitled to be more or less the same, temporarily of course, next to an 88mm gun probably left by the Condor Legion.


  1. Acho que já encontrei a peça de artilharia que está na primeira foto nas mãos de uns tipos, no "campo de batalha"...

    Este museu vale a pena uma visita!

  2. Coruña e a minha cidade. Os días 26 e 27 hai uma expociçao de modelismo, e mais ven uma loja portuguesa. Pesquisa ESCALA 2013.

  3. Excelentes dios - é o que faz falta cá pelos n/ museus.
    Es um sortudo, hoje em dia conseguir juntar trabalho e lazer não é muito comum.