Sunday, 26 May 2013

Rapid Fire! 20mm scale British 7th Armoured Division in Normandy -5thRTR

Continuing with the 7th armoured division/ 22nd armoured brigade, and freshly from the paint brush, here it is 5th RTR in a peaceful rear area in the Normandy bocage country.

A photo of an US tank battalion in the latest RF! rule set served as inspiration for this picture.

Usual Armourfast Fireflies with Britannia crew and Hessian tape made out from repair putty.

Matchbox Firefly with extra rear turret box, MG and Hessian tape.

The crew of this Cromwell are resin Frontline Wargaming torsos kindly sent by Tim Wade.

Frontline Wargaming M-3. The yellow markings and the number 52 denotes 5th RTR.

Airfix Scammel.

I stole this diecast Fuel Scammel from my father´s peaceful car collection. It was painted in red and yellow metallic colours and when my father discovered its absence it was already based and primed...

Hey, look at these heavy drinkers coming from the party! They are bailed  out crew made of Esci British infantry with carved out parts and NATO Esci beret heads.


  1. The whole thing is marvellous but the bailed out crews are absolutely inspired. First class!

  2. Excelente material, JP.
    O Fuel Scammel dá um toque personalizado ao conjunto.
    Continua com o bom trabalho -:)

  3. The bailed-out tank crews look great. Your dad's Scammell does too :-)