Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Rapid Fire! 20mm - Walcheren LVT-4

The Airfix LVT-4 Buffalo is a nice kit that also offers a Jeep for free (or the Airfix Jeep offers a Buffalo it depends on the thing you are after).

I just made a few changes:
ammo boxes and mantlets for the MG's;
- antennae;
- crew;
- and stowage. 

The crew comes from the Matchbox Falklands British paratroopers deprived of the FN rifles of course. They look quite similar to the winter dress the British RMC used on late 1944.

Other crew are the Revell British infantry with Milliput berets. 

The full RF! 8 x Buffalo fleet for Walcheren. 


  1. Nice idea of using the Falklands paras as vehicle crews, I should have thought of that several years ago when I sold my single set off

  2. Yes you are right. But nowadays want to do Falklands 82 and got short of figures ... :)