Sunday, 28 December 2014

Impetus Baroque, 20mm - Portuguese War of Restoration, 1640-1668. Part 1-Revell 30 YW figures in use.

Sooner or later I was told this thing would happen. After many years of Wargaming... better, making Wargames armies, from distant countries and wars one gets to the point of using most of the figures you have for your own history and wargaming armies.

Excluding WWII, whenever a period of history pops out in our head there would be the portuguese army ...
Once again my stock gives me most of what I want as I stored over the years some dozen of these boxes of Revell 30 YW infantry, cavalry and artillery.

In fact I was collecting them whenever I could with that funny feeling that one day it will be the day.

Well the day came when I saw a great diorama (this one)⬇️

by the modeller Francisco Furtado in a modelling exposition in the city of Maia, close to Porto. Impetus big bases and the possibility of placing a full squadron of 24 pikemen and arquebusiers in a sole base made the rest. 

All figures were from the Revell sets and they represent a terço of the portuguese restoration army. 

Hooked...Once again...

The Revell sets are just superb. For me the only problem is a small ratio of pike in relation to arquebus. The solution was the conversion of arquebusiers to pikemen (3rd and 5th figure above and last three below).

The pikes are the trusty broom threads heated and cut to spear point.

 Same happened to this flag bearer ( 2nd figure). The 4th figure had its original flag cut and replaced by a printed one. 

This is the figure from were the flagbearer of the previous picture is coming. 

More arquebusiers turned into pikemen with the help of Mrs broom and Mr GreenStuff.

All for now. Stay tuned and a happy new year for all of you. 


  1. Um tema viciante, de facto! Penso ter visto este mesmo fantástico diorama há uns tempos atrás, numa exposição que teve lugar no Porto. Have fun! Cumprimentos e Feliz Ano Novo :)

  2. Estive no seu blog e vi coisas muito interessantes. Tamb'em tenho Aljubarrota em 20 mm e espero mostrar mais dentro em breve. Bom ano e abraço.

  3. NO COMMENTS...-:)
    Excelente escolha - epoca da restauração.

  4. Hace poco estuve en Portugal tocando varias ciudades, me perdi el campo de Aljubarrota me hubiera gustado ir .Tambien me interesa los libros de Batallas de portugal donde podria ADQUIRIRLOS.Muchas gracias colega y animos a seguir.