Wednesday, 28 January 2015

Impetus Baroque, 20mm - Portuguese War of Restoration, 1640-1668. Part 6 - RealTerço da Armada

The  Terço da Armada Real ( Royal Fleet Terço) was a famous military unit built during the Iberian Union.

 Around 1621 it sported this uniform under Filipe II rule:

but during the War of Restoration the uniform changed to green and yellow facings. The sources from 1664 show them with black feathered hats...

... but I have more boxes of helmeted infantry and so helmets they have. 

The flag bearer is a pikeman and the flag itself it's an absolute invention as I could not find any one from the Terço da Armada of the time. 

The drummer comes from the plan of uniforms of 1667...

... already after Montes Claros but once again I could not find a better one. 

Now let's go for some Landsknecht under Spanish pay. So as these guys dressed very strange it will take some time before next post. 

But meanwhile maybe I add some extra 4cm and another row of miniatures to each terço. They will be 12cm x 12cm like Impetus orders. 


  1. Wow! They look like real! Amazing work!

  2. Personalmente quedan bonitas pero no creo que fueran tan uniformados ni los portugueses ni los españoles un abrazo desde Malaga ESPAÑA.