Sunday, 18 March 2018

Rapid Fire! Blitzkrieg in 20mm - IBG Panzer III A

Early Panzers in plastic are rare. But aparently IBG will solve the issue with a collection of German tanks (and a nice magazine to go along) for Blitzkrieg. This is number one and IBG is clearly copying FtF fellow countrymen on having a fast built kit, very detailed and with a small magazine packed with information  Only after buying these three I read that only 10 PzIIIA were produced which makes one of them redundant for RF! Better more than less...
The model is very good, easy to build and with delicate parts on the FtF style and nothing to do with PSC. The only remark I would point out on this one is the size of the 37mm gun which looks a bit too small. No crew member as in FtF tanks ( the new Polish Krupp Protze has two...) so a tank commander from PSC was added.  
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  1. Viva JP. Já estavamos a espera. O ultimo post já foi há muito tempo.

    Bom trabalho. Ab

  2. Very nice models - must get one myself

  3. Get two and you can have the full complement for RF!