Friday, 15 July 2011

1/72nd scale DBM Roman Camp

Now the Roman camp. Also BUM based, is also largely transformed into what you see.

The defence poles around the camp. The ditch is ...well... around somewhere!

20cmX20cm like the Carthaginian camp.

There is a Zvezda 1/72nd scale fabulous roman camp and the old Airfix one which is also nice. They make a fantastic center piece for a diorama or skirmish action but they are just too big for a battle like Cannae, as it will take too much space on the tabletop, and this one is much cheaper.

The training pole. This place served for gladius hacking training. Probably some slashes were also applyed.

Some Triarii (Hat) just for scale.

I hope José Miguel Mendes (the famous JMM) also likes it.

1 comment:

  1. JP,
    Em rapidez de construção e apresentação final de modelos ninguém te bate - o campo está impecável.
    Parece que foi ontem que comentei a tua anterior mensagem e aqui está a resposta.
    Por este andar, atento a data em que decorreu a batalha de Cannae (2 de agosto de 216 a.C.)tens o teu projecto completo no seu aniversário.
    Bom trabalho