Monday, 11 July 2011

1/72nd scale IV Roman Republican Legion

Here is my 4th roman legion for the Punic wars. Once again figures by Hat, Orion; Italeri and Newline Designs. Only 12 legions  to go, for the full roman army at Cannae: piece of cake, just a thousand figures! 

You can even see the shadow of the camera in the 1st picture. The guy has talent, look at the position of his finger! A true pro.

You all admire my quality as a modeller and painter, that is why you keep on coming to this site everyday, even when you don´t have electricity, but you seldom refer to my talents regarding photography.

Oh yes, there his a guy from Gaia (south of Porto, near Lisbon) who likes my photos a lot, and who always places nice comments on this blog, regarding the right angle and light.

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  1. Nice work.
    I agree with you, and I know the guy you are refering to. He has a strange fixation on luminosity...-:)