Monday, 8 August 2011

ACW- Fire and Fury- 1/72nd Union army of the Potomac and Confederate Army of Northern Virginia

     Both armies are at about 80% in Fire and Fury terms, 1/200 that is. Above is Reynolds I corps (Doubleday in command).

Hancock´s II corps and part of Sickles III  corps.

The rest of II corps.

Sickles III corps.

Buford dismounted cavalry. Many figures are scratchbuilt.

 Syke´s V corps. The figures in grey trousers are the Pennsylvania reserves.

Howard´s XI corps.

Custer´s Cavalry Brigade. Custer is a Strelets R foot figure modified into a cavalryman.

Now the Confederates. Longstreet I corps. Picket can be seen mounted waving his sword (scratchbuilt figure).

Hood´s division.

McLaw´s division.

General Longstreet and staff. Strelets R  and scratchbuilt  figures.

  Hampton´s cavalry.

Ewell´s II corps. Still Rodes division missing, but Jubal Early´s (see last post)  Smith´s brigade is already painted and stored.

Jonhson´s division. Some are the old but marvellous Airfix ACW figures.

  A.P. Hill III corps. Hill can be seen in his traditional red shirt and is also a scratchbuilt figure.

 Pender´s division.

Anderson´s division.

This period is great for collecting and wargaming. A time and a war in which  a few professional soldiers turned a mob of amateurs into heroes. Also last days of chivalry in US history.

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