Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Current work on ACW - Fire and Fury rule set, 20mm scale, Gettysburg.

I´ve started ACW in 20mm some 20 to 25 years ago, with a special  interest in 1st Bull Run. Most of this material was then repainted or simply given to friends.

Some 10 years ago, i discovered Fire and Fury rule set. Never played a battle, as usual, but those photos kept me hooked- some 1000 figures were painted, and many books were read. The full OB for Gettysburg is now the objective.

 Then the film Gettysburg and then Gods and Generals showed up and hooked I was- another 1000 were painted.

Loads of good books existed and recently I bought The Gettysburg Companion by Mark Adkin. Almost everything you need is there.

With these few photos I want to show you my latest work on ACW, still unpainted. Some stuff to end Jubal Early´s confederate division, part of Ewell´s II corps.

The one above is a 10 pdr Parrott, made from a Esci Napoleonic carriage, carved out of surplus items and with its 6pdr barrel fitted with an Evergreen longer tube in one end and GreenStuff on the other.

 The artillerymen are infantry figures without weapons and with their arms heated with a lighter into a different position. One of the figures, the yellow one, is a resin cast upper body of an old Airfix cavalryman glued on some Revell legs.

The artillery carriage (and the small bucket) is made out of Evergreen, with Esci wheels from French Imperial artillery (why did we buy dozens of those when we were teenagers? well, now I know).

 Horses are Airfix French artillery and the drivers are metal Irregular Miniatures.

Smith´s Brigade, one of the smallest of the ANV.

Jubal Early: after seeing some photos of the real person, three figures were needed from Italeri and Revell, one for the head (with a beard and slouch hat), another for the torso, and another for the legs.
The standard bearer suffered the same fate.

The glue used is Loctite super plastics with activator, which glues polythene pretty well.

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