Saturday, 21 April 2012

28mm AOE Casualty Markers Waterloo 1815

This Landwehr casualty markers are Irregular Miniatures napoleonic casualties. There is added Greenstuff to produce the lower part of the Litewka and rolled blankets.

Prussian line casualty markers, again Irregular Miniatures, with some added Green Stuff.

Perry Miniatures plastic casualty markers that are inside the heavy cavalry box. Some have different head gear and one of them is a Irregular Miniature figure.

Same with the british.


  1. Good to see some Irregular Miniatures being used. Good job on them!

  2. Excelente JP, será que podias colocar alguns dead markers junto com Inf normal, gostava de ver o efeito.

    Bom trabalho

  3. As baixas ficaram mesmo um aspecto "natural" e diversificado. Parabéns!
    As fotos, como sempre, estão uma lástima...