Thursday, 5 April 2012

28mm AOE Middle Guard Grenadiers Waterloo 1815

Now for the last week´s painted Middle Guard Grenadiers. Its a mixture of Hat, Victrix and Perry bodies and headgear- bicornes, bonnets, etc.

The Middle Guard didn´t seem to have carried eagles but only tricolor fanions, one in each company.

Victrix metal colonel transformed into Guard General with the Greenstuff aid.

The closer general is a Irregular Miniatures with some Greenstuff added to the bicorne.

Some of the coated guardsmen are Perry fusiliers. I made two cuts (L shape) at their shoulders and pluggled those surplus  Victrix epaulettes. Easy and "efficace".

The Middle guard advance on Mont-Saint-Jean in their square anti-cavalry formation. Good luck for them as we know they didn´t have it...


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