Saturday, 8 September 2012

28mm AOE Waterloo 1815 IV 2nd Swiss Regiment

The 2nd Swiss was not present at Waterloo as it was with Vandamme III Corps. Nevertheless I´m one more modeller to fall in the arms (better, sleeves...) of those red coats.

Painting blue coats gets tiring and this regiments is a nice possibility for something different.

Figures are plastic Perry Miniatures.

The only battalion of the regiment in column preceded by the usual voltigeurs.

In the Tête the Colonne there is the sole non-Perry miniature: a Hat pionner from their Light Infantry command box.

With just a small piece of plasticard glued to the pioneer base, the figure gets taller and goes along well with the Perry´s.

The column turns into line.

 This voltigeur has Victrix arms for the sake of variability.

 Same for this one.

By the way , I introduced recently a small change in the basing of figures: after applying the normal diluted PVA glue to the stand and dipping it into the scatter material box, I let a drop of cheap chinese Super Glue fall on the green scatter material.
 Some strange fumes comes out of the contact of the diluted PVA and the Cyanoacrylate but the scatter material gets pretty stiff in a matter of seconds.

 Try it and you can have grass as stiff as your figures... if this is good for anything.

 Many of the figures have the Pokalem instead of the shako as this makes  the unit more red in colour.

The Officer is the sole blue jacket to be seen in this unit.

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