Sunday, 28 July 2013

Rapid Fire! 20mm Tunisia 1943 - More German AFV's

Well, the poll for the brand and scale of the latest Pineapple Miniatures is over as all offers are already sent for many parts of the world, as you can see in those numerous post comments.

Coming back to normal life, a few more German AFV'S for Tunisia.

The Pz III N that accompanied the Tiger I. Repainted Altaya model. 

Sdkfz 233 from Altaya.

The crew is Esci and Atlantic.

38 (t) with 7,5 cm from Esci.

The two crew men that comes with the kit are some 30 years old but still fit very well alongside the more recent ones.

Stug III F/8 from Esci with Hasegawa crewman. Only one model is necessary as only three were given to 10th PD.

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