Friday, 8 November 2013

Rapid Fire! 20mm, French Army 1940, Pt 5, French artillery

Back to BleuVille again and to its blue pastures.
This is what I've got up to the moment in terms of French 1940 artillery.


The goal is to have two battalions of 75mm guns (still 4 guns missing, hopefully solved when the HAT box arrives), one  battalion of 3 155mm GPF (2 missing that will be made from another two barrels of Esci M-12 SPG) and the already made 105mm Schneider battalion.

The 75mm are metal IT Miniatures with ammo trailer and crew from Irregular Miniatures.

The 155mm scratchbuilt model of a previous article with plastic transformed crew.

Again the same for the Schneider battalion. Crews are Revell and Airfix.

The Lorraine's were used as ammo carriers. I use these ones for the Char B1 Bis battalions, but I forgot to picture them with the tanks, so here they are now.


  1. Great looking figures, and very nice basing too!

    1. Thanx Phil. Some nice basing hides a lot of flaws:)

  2. Oh, to see this regiment in action! My friend and I were discussing your blog, as we cycled home, and decided that you are definitely on the same wave length as us. Always a pleasure to see what you're up to. Keep up the excellent work