Saturday, 2 November 2013

Pineapple Miniatures - 1/32nd scale conversions for the LLL and theBritish Line infantry

This post is about some changes I made on the A Call To Arms (ACTA) Belgian infantry equipped with the Belgian Shako (based historically on the Portuguese Barretina) in order to produce Stovepipe equipped infantry.

This happened because I quitted waiting for the ACTA British Light Infantry, equipped with the Stovepipe, from my normal supplier.

The Belgian Shako had the cords taken out with a X-Acto and GreenStuff was modelled to the back part of the Shako and a pompon was placed in the front.

The Loyal Lusitanian Legion was a unit present at Buçaco that used the Stovepipe as it had been equipped in England.

Here they are with the correct headdress.

 The ones I painted before were wrong and the best I could do was to paint an old model of Barretina used in 1808.

Using the same changes you can also produce the British line infantry as these 88th Connaught Rangers. 

The only few other small extras are the woolen shoulders also made in GreenStuff.


  1. Very smart. A great idea and it inspires me to look to some (very simple) conversions of my own. Thanks.

  2. Excellent work. Unique pieces.
    I don´t know any model Firms/Brands who make this type of unit (The Loyal Lusitanian Legion).
    Keep up with these great ideas -:)

  3. Nice job on the convertion and the painting

  4. Num consigo ver os pormenores, carago...
    Támos a voltar ao mesmo, é?