Wednesday, 1 January 2014

Military Phokia, January 2014

The phokians, from nowadays Foça, Aegean Turkish Coast, were a formidable sailor and merchant people who dominated vast parts of the Mediterranean in the classical age from the Black Sea region to Spain. 

In Foça you can find a beautiful Byzantine - Ottoman castle guarding the twin bays. 

The arrangement of the wall stones is quite different from the western ones.

Three of the doors of the "5 doors castle".

Ottoman (Osman) inscriptions above one of the doors.

The castle was restored in the 80ies and it's a well preserved site and worth a visit.


  1. Já estou a ver por onde andaste no final do ano -:)
    Local muito bonito.
    Bom ano de 2014 e aguardamos por novas surpresas tuas no wargames...:)

  2. Manda mas é fotos de gajas, carago!

  3. Taradôn!!! Também só pensas nisso...