Friday, 14 March 2014

Military Trakai (Lithuania), March 2014

Trakai castle is one of the most important places in Lithuanian history, a sort of Portuguese Guimarães. 

The area is incredibly beautiful and in this cold March the water of the surrounding lakes was frozen and could support the weight of a man in some places.

The eventual escape route for the king of Lithuania if necessary...

There are several maps of the battle of Zalgiris 1410 (Tannenberg) between the Lithuanians and the Teutonic Knights.
Here the Teutonic Knights were smashed and his Grandmaster Ulrich Von Jungingen was killed. 

Vytautas the great, the victor of Zalgiris and one of the most important figures of Lithuanian history.

Spanish influenced corselet. 

An influenced French armature.

A Lithuanian cavalry helmet of clearly (even more) eastern influence.

Lithuanian costume of the XV century.

The castle was destroyed as a retaliation for the 3rd Lithuanian attempt of taking Moscow (???). What today can be seen is a very well done reconstitution.

A late medieval bombard used mainly as a siege weapon.


  1. I know that place, it has a fantastic view...

  2. It is a pleasure to see a well-reconstructed castle.

    Kind regards,


  3. Já estou a ver o teu proximo projeto??-:)
    É sempre bom ver alguem a valorizar o seu património e historia.