Monday, 3 March 2014

DBR- Battle of Mohács 1526 (part 7) - 20mm Ottoman and Hungarian flags

The first group are some Ottoman flags for the Suleyman years taken from the web after a research by OB ( no she is not from Brigada Tripeira, she is Galatasaray).

The first is the Ottoman Battle flag; the other ones with the red field are the State flag and the green are generic Ottoman. 

The quality of the printing will not be the best as the phone camera resolution is not a great thing. 

If you want the real stuff send me an email to and I'll gladly send you the file.

The 1st page of Hungarian flags are suitable for the cavalry and are hand painted with acrylic, hence the scrubby look.  

The isolated flag in the next picture is the Ottoman Solak flag and should be used in a cruciform pole.

The next group of Hungarian flags already include some for the infantry, namely the last two which can be used for the Landsknecht.

After resizing you may print them at your will. Hope they can be useful. 

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