Sunday, 3 August 2014

ACW-Fire and Fury, 20mm- Gettysburg buildings, part 4, Bryan house andBliss farm

Two more: the Bryan house, close to the Angle and the Copse of Trees of Pickett's charge and the Bliss farm, a place of great importance in the action of the second day at Gettysburg.

Once again card all over and just the chimney at Bryan's and the mound of the farm were made of styrofoam.

From the loop-holes of the farm the confederate sharpshooters found a lot of targets.

The fire place of Bryan's house could be seen from the outside. I messed with the planking as all of it should be horizontal, but I hope you didn't notice it, right? 


  1. Wow! They look so real! :o Congrats..;)

  2. Great looking buildings, details are perfect!

    1. Thanks the idea is to pick the main characteristics and then some nice and bright colours do the rest.