Sunday, 24 May 2015

Rapid Fire! 20mm - 4th DAK infantry battalion - El Alamein 1942

Last Afrika Korps infantry battalion. 

This DAK infantry comes from every possible plastic origin.

You can find the old and beautiful Airfix MG runner, the even older Airfix 28mm Pz B, Revell, Esci, Matchbox, 'chinese' Airfix, Hat (from the PAK 76,2mm set) and even some lovely if a little inaccurate Atlantic, all living happily in their barracks even close to their British foes which only in our devious minds are enemies.

The tripods for the heavy MG's and the bipod for the mortar are Evergreen and the barrels come from surplus tank MG's.

I'm two battalions of infantry and 8 AFV's short of presenting you my whole DAK. This will have both the full 15th and 21st Pz division and most of the assets of the 90th Leichte and Ariete divisions. 

The main thing that will be still missing are many of the soft skin vehicles a problem which I hope to solve with some boxes of Pegasus Opel Blitz and a parcel from Frontline Wargaming. Regarding Italian soft skins, particularly towing vehicles the problem will continue a little bit like in real life...


  1. Nice use of various German sets. Where did you get wheels for the 28mm squeeze gun? A few companies do Italian soft skins but an inexpensive resin one is Minimi Miniatures if it's still on the go. Having said that, Frontline are still really good value for money. Best of luck.

  2. The wheels are Roco 1/87th scale. I was forgetting Minimi, thanks.