Sunday, 3 May 2015

Rapid Fire! 20mm - Sdkfz 223 conversion from Airfix Sdkfz 222

Tired of the wrong turret of Airfix Sdkfz 222?
Tired of not having the Sdkfz 223?
Tired of not seeing Sporting as national champion? 

If you are, follow me in the next few pictures and comments. 

The turret was discarded and replaced by a smaller one taken from an undentyfied part I found on the  spare box. I´m not sure but I think it belonged to a ring from a Panther turret.

The antennae was built in Evergreen and wire. The vertical tubing is far more thicker than the original but as a wargame piece that is necessary to avoid self destruction. 

Don't forget a figure (this one is from PSC), some extra Jerrycans and tarpaulins and all the few white and black extras a little bit all over, in order to have a convincing model:
-Triangular disks on the wheels.
- Hatches in the turret.
- Visors in the turret ring.
- MG 38.


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    1. Thanks. Its a vehicle we tend to forget but there were plenty in the german army.

  2. Excelente . Falta a pintura ...