Friday, 19 June 2015

Rapid Fire! 20mm - 16. Luftwaffe Field Division, Normandy 44, part 1.

One more German division on the way: this time I'm doing one of the partner division of the 21st PD in the Caen area, the 16.Lw FD.  

What strikes me about this unit is the blue uniforms with long camouflage smocks which makes them probably  the most colourful unit in Normandy. 

Here is the first battalion. They are mostly SHQ metal with a few Airfix and Esci plastics. The Pak 75/97 on the left corner is SHQ.

SHQ is one of the few brands to produce Luftwaffe infantry. The next battalions will have also a few SHQ but will be mostly made of plastic and I will ignore the 2mm less length of the camouflage smock or maybe I try a solution with thin strips of paper card... Let's see. 

Zis 76,2mm from Irregular Miniatures manned by Revell artillery men from their horse towed 105mm artillery set. 

Pak 50mm and crew from SHQ. 

Pak 75mm from Esci again with SHQ crew.

I'm not sure about 88's in the 16. Lw FD but just in case here goes a battery from Hasegawa. 

The Sturmgeschutze company is from Airfix and Altaya.

It's still missing: the 122mm Russian howitzers batteries; the 20mm AA guns; the 75 IG (all these will be Zvezda from their small boxes); 5 infantry battalions and one bycicle battalion. 

Horse tows for all the artillery will be challenging as I will scratchbuild all of them. 

So stay tuned on the best wargaming blog of the Travessa Moura e Sá. 


  1. Lovely minsi, love your camo job!

    1. Thanks. These ones were painted some years ago. Recently I grabbed a big group of Luftwaffe infantry from SHQ and that made me restart this division.

  2. Fabulous job, Joao. I think you're pretty safe with 88's in your 14 LFD because, I 've read that all AA units in virtually all Heer and Luftwaffe Divisions were manned by Luftwaffe troops. Really like the cam nets, lovely touch.

  3. Thanks SRD I also read the same but the 16 Lw FD looks like an exception. But if this division didn't have the 88's the III Flak corps was around and the uniforms were also those of the Luftwaffe. The 88 diorama is maybe some 20 years old and the camp net is probably an influence of the old days of 1/35th scale modeller :)

  4. Excelente JP.
    Não sei se teriam 88mm (Provavelmente não tinham veículos para reboca-los...-:)), (além de que a Luftwaffe tinha regimentos autónomos para isso e perto), mas quase de certeza que não tinham 75mmIG (Pelo menos inicialmente). A artilharia campanha era composta na sua maioria por 7.62cm FK288(r) e 12.2cm FK396(r). Nem todas as 9 baterias do regimento artilharia 16 tinham as suas peças distribuídas apesar de constar da orgânica.
    Gabraço e continua o bom trabalho. No final do ano está completa a força..

  5. Os 75ig (ou os 150 sig) eram das companhias pesadas dos regimentos de jagers e não das baterias de artilharia. Gde abraço.