Saturday, 27 June 2015

Rapid Fire! 20mm - 16. Luftwaffe Field Division, Normandy 44, part 3: The 2nd and 3rd battalions with those loooonger camouflage smocks already painted.

Here they are. The Liquid GreenStuff of GW turned out quite well on the soft plastic figures in order to produce longer smocks.

You can enlarge the pictures if you want as I didn't make this post directly from the phone but used the PC.

The Blue on the Luftwaffe uniform is Vallejo 816. The base of the smock is Vallejo 119 and the camouflage effects are achieved with diluted Vallejo 086 (green)  and GW  Mournfang Brown (yes, I agree, why does GW can't find normal decent names for their paint range?...). The right side Esci figure got an Evergreen radio on his back.

The longer smock was equally applied on Esci, Airfix copies (as they are bigger),Atlantic or Revell.

A small Luftwaffe wing was painted on the right upper part of the smock and on the left side of the helmet.

If carefully placed together the plastic minis go quite well with the five SHQ figures you can see in the bottom part of the Picture.
I built and painted two more Russian76,2 Zis from the Italeri double box. The crew is a mixture of SHQ and soft plastic figures with an old Esci hard plastic long range finder figure (the guy standing on the left).

The lot together living happily in the Normandy country side. Before operation Charnwood that is...