Monday, 22 February 2016

American War of Independence - Will McNally's rules - Brandywine Wargame table so far.

This is my Brandywine table up to now. The table is made of twelve 60cm X 60cm squares for a table of 180cm X 240cm total.

Most of the historical houses will have to be made from scratch as they are represented here by Gettysburg ones.

Still lots of units to be done. I only managed to make some 15 regiments both British and American from the 70 + present on the day.

The battlefield seen from the west (Knyphausen approach side). The area closer to the camera (phone in fact, but 'camera' sounds more professional!) shows Brinton's ford to the left and Chad`s ford to the right in a more or less complete part of the battlefield terrain. 

The battlefield from the south. 

Opposing Chad's ford is the high ground defended by Wayne and Greene's  division with Chad's house to the left and Proctor's battery close by. Chad's house is in fact Codori house of Gettysburg fame. Proctor's battery still doesn't have its redoubt built. The majority of the American defenders, namely the reserve are still absent hopefully not for being voting in Trump ('Trampa' in a direct translation for portuguese. Look for the meaning and you will see I'm right).

Wistar woods, were the Guard regiments got lost, are featured in the top left corner.

The roads are cut from some old plastic 30cm X 30cm tiles turned up side down that my parents used in the 80ies for some works in the kitchen.

The Hessian division still with only Von Donop's regiment finished and the artillery. The Brandywine River is  from Frontline Wargames.

Moving to the Birmingham area, the ground is more or less finished with another Gettysburg house (Thompson's house) instead of the Birmingham Meeting House.

The main features are the orchard on the north slope of Birmingham Hill, the Widow's Davis house ( an Irregular Miniatures model)  in front and the wheat field to the right.

The woods on top of Birmingham Hill are the new polystyrene trees I showed you in the last post. Others are spread all over similar wooded features. 

Still lots of British and Hessian units missing from Howe´s/Cornwallys's flanking manouever  namely cavalry, two battalions of Hessian grenadiers, Hessian Jagers and British line and light infantry regiments.

The hasty american line of defence still only has the 2nd Maryland clumsly manouevering in front of the British grenadiers thanks to De Borre's lack of talent for such a thing but also due to a tricky road that lead the 3rd division there.

The snake fences are also ACW and I suppose they are not from the AWI period which I always see with straight fences. Anyone knows something on the subject?

View from Birmingham Hill. Battle Hill and sandy Hollow can be seen to the right and Dilworth town to the left.

- We're doomed... There are thousands of'em...
- Yeah, and they even have tanks, good lord!
- Hey, but they look ours. There are Grants... Priests and Shermans . We're safe!
- Are we? Didn't all that crap fought on both sides in WWII? 

At the moment I'm painting the Guards regiments but I'm tempted by France 1940 again after receiving  a few boxes of the new A-9 Cruiser from PSC a few days ago. So may be I'm about to start the battle of Brrandivine. Bah, alors, dis donc!...


  1. "Vive la France". Venham os francius. Excelente cenário JP.

  2. Visto bem devem ser mais British in France...-:)

  3. Looks splensdd, looking forward to seeing the AAR

  4. The AAR will have to wait, still lots to do. Besides I have my wargaming friends quite far so you Will have to come :)

  5. Spectacular and detailed, Joao. Excellent work. Great series of posts.

    1. But still far from finished. And being slowly dragged to other periods...😤