Saturday, 27 February 2016

American War of Independence - Will McNally's rules - Guards Brigade atBrandywine

Last units to be made are the two units of Guards present in the big flanking monouever made by Cornwallys's division.

Only one in each six is really a plastic Revell miniatures the other five are resin copies made in silicone masters. Of course this is a secret information which is better not to reach internet!

This kind of standing position is the best to duplicate and in fact the only one my short-run home-made technology managed to produce.

The command stands are a bit more lively. This officer comes from the Austrian SYW Revell box and a different paint job makes it look like a British officer.

In the other command stand the drummer is that Revell figure in a relaxed pose holding the rifle on the ground. An arm bent, a new head from Airfix and a  plastic cylinder of unknown origin makes the rest. The NCO is another Austrian Revell  figure.