Wednesday, 15 June 2016

Rapid Fire! Russian Contemporary Wars in 1/72nd scale - S-300 missile system

Modern wars like Lebanon, Iran-Irak and Falklands in the 80ies are part of my imagination during boyhood and to make things worse, there is an incredible amount of models, both kit or die-cast, to portray any of those conflicts and any other up to today. And not only western material as it happened in the 80ies but also Russian, Chinese and others mainly in our beloved 1/72nd scale.  

With the Gulf War in 1990-91 and then with the 2003 US invasion of Iraq I used many models from late 20th century. 

But then what to do with the T-80/90's, Kamov KA-50, BMP-3 plenty of them very nice die-cast or from new plastic brands like ModelCollect and such?

Little by little I managed to build a sizable force of modern Russians. And so it came out the new series 'Contemporary Russian wars in 1/72nd scale' that will start in Chechnya 1996, throughout Georgia 2008 up to nowadays Russian intervention in Syria. So if you want to know more about Yeltsin, Medvedev and Putin's armies, please follow me.

The first models I'll show you are some very nice and easy to build '4D Puzzle Model' ordered directly from China. It took some 20 days or so for the parcel to arrive but both cost, post free, only 8€ each while I've seen some shops asking the double amount in Europe! So I hope a long life to the emperor of China, simultaneously leader of the local party (called Aliexpress, by the way).

The S-300 AA system is the Patriot's rival and some say its superior in many aspects. If you buy the two available you get the missile launching device, the 5P85S, and the radar and communications system, the 30N6E2,  The models are very easy to build and in fact if you are lazy enough you don't even need glue, as pegs can hold all parts in a very good engineering maneuver. I used glue just to strengthen the models. I read in some reviews some nonsense like these models not being able to accept plastic glue and being copies of PST models. Untrue. Normal plastic glue goes just fine and PST model is far more complex to build and 5 times more expensive!

Camouflage of the S-300 systems varied a lot even between batteries, the ones I'm showing you are just some of the most common. The camouflage seen on the radar vehicle is not standard in shape so you can paint the yellow and black as you like. The grey color can be seen in the machines placed by the Russian in Syria after the SU-24 shooting down incident by the Turks.

The only extra parts added were the crew member (this one came from Fujimi), antennae and the mirrors. I never saw the Russian flag in the S-300 system but I think it gives a nice touch.

The basing is for Rapid Fire! and its online modern version.

Next: back to Lebanon 82, but hey, I'll be back to this new issue soon.