Saturday, 25 June 2016

Lebanon 1982 - QRF 1/100th scale models for the Syrian Airforce

The SU-20/22 was the mainstay bomber of the Syrian Airforce in the Lebanon campaign of 1982. Apparently they attacked with success a number of Israeli AFV columns. This QRF model is made of resin and metal but it's showing its age as it needs some filler here and there.

The Mig-21is a much better model and I presume more recent. The Israelis destroyed many of them after blinding the SAF with the destruction of the Syrian missile and warning ground system in operation Mole Cricket.

Now I'm eagerly trying to get both the Mig-23/27 and the Mig-25 in 1/100th scale. Does any one have some surplus or know were to find them?

The most successful aircraft of the SAF was the Aerospatialle Gazelle equipped with Hot missiles. As usual Syrians and Israelis give different numbers for the casualties inflicted and suffered by these small machines. The QRF model comes quite bare with no Hot missiles nor the dark gray box for target acquisition over the pilots compartment so they had to be scratch built.

Next: more Contemporary Russian Wars in 1/72nd scale  for you to stop biting your nails.

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