Saturday, 2 July 2016

Rapid Fire! Contemporary Russian Wars in 1/72nd scale - Altaya Die-cast Russian AFV's.

And now for some other Die-cast Russian AFV's. The fact of having a reasonable amount of Russian stuff, both planes and tanks, was the real cause for venturing into this series. Once again the models in the picture are Altaya. On the contrary of aircraft, all of them got some kind of repaint:

- the BTR-70 got a black wash and some light sand dry brush,
- the same with the PT-76,
- the T-80 BV got a new painting as the base green color was too light.

Some bedrolls, antennae, a Russian flag, the usual black wash/dry brush and the model looks like a true scale model ready for action. 

 The T-80 BV were repainted with Vallejo Russian Green. This color is an aircraft color and darker than it should be but after dry brushing it gets close to the original one and I use it for everything Russian, WWII, Modern, tank or warplane. The camouflage is Vallejo Iraqi Sand and black.

Some of the BTR-70 got some Macharius Solar Orange (which in fact means Orange...) from GW and the Russian flag was painted in all models. 

Finally for a good guide on how to paint Modern Russian AFV's follow these Spanish guys even if they are out of the Euro Cup 2016 and Portugal is not (at least up to next thursday...).


  1. Great work- I'm a big fan of the Altaya diecasts too.



  2. Thanks Pete. I'm hoping somehow for the arrival of the Fabbri Russian collection of tanks. It seems a company called 'the works' had plenty of them in England, right? Did you manage to get some?

  3. lovely work, pity we can't get them out here :(

  4. Thanks AI. Try ebay. Ordering from china through Aliexpress for instance gets too expensive.