Thursday, 14 July 2016

Rapid Fire! 20mm, French aviation 1940, Aircraft up to the moment.

Before continuing the recent Russian Contemporary Wars series I was forced due to piles of dust and humidity to make new shelves and place glass on some of the cabins holding parts of my collection.  By doing so some cleaning became necessary and I took the opportunity to take pics of some planes. Let's start with  the French from 1940. 

It must have been a nightmare to supply parts to French military aviation in the late 30's and during the German invasion of may 1940 as there were an enormous amount of aircraft performing the same function. 

If you want to see the rest of my french Army for 1940 please open the label France 1940 and then lets get back to BleuVille. 

These Heller  Dewoitine D.520 were some of the most modern fighters in the world but not many reached the war zone.

The Bloch MB 152 was more numerous, but older and not as fast as the Dewoitine. To the left is a SMER model and the one to the right is an Altaya Die-cast.

Other fighters (to help the work of the maintenance crews...) were the American built Curtiss H-75A-1  and the wooden light fighter Caudron C.714. Not sure but I think both are Heller. 

The Morane-Saulnier 406 was the mainstay of the French Airforce shooting down between 190 and 270 German aircraft. Altaya Die-cast model. 

The Potez 630 was a heavy reconnaissance airplane and here once again the french produced a great number of different models with the same characteristics. Heller again.

Even some few Italian Caproni Ca.313 bomber/reconnaissance aircraft were bought. This plane is a Supermodel model (Supermodel is the brand...).

The old ANF Les Mureaux 113 was the most numerous reconnaissance aircraft of those days, again by Heller.

The  Bloch MB 174 (Heller) was one of the best and newer machines of the French air force and intended to replace the Breguet 693.

Another aircraft for observation and reconnaissance the Potez 63.11 (Heller).

I made some 30 of these stands. By using the Altaya plastic black stand you can glue a piece of acrylic and, on top of it, glue the tip of the Altaya stand. Drill a hole the same size on the under part of the plane and here you have a nice and convincing stand.

These older Breguet 693 by Heller ground attack aircraft, also used for reconnaissance.

The Potez 540 (SMER model) series was an old design that first saw service with the Spanish Republican Airforce, earning the reputation of the 'Flying Coffin'. When WWII hit the French they were only used for transport, mostly in the colonies.

I still have some 10 French aircraft models to build, some are only for numbers but others are new ones like the LEO 451 bomber. Hope to show you some of them soon.


  1. Splendid collection of aircraft.

  2. Thanks Will. I'll try to show you some more before holidays.

  3. Replies
    1. Thanks AI. We may do a lot of models from all ages but WWII is an eternal return point.

  4. Excellent planes! And a great wargame Rapid Fire! I also play by these rules.

    1. Thanks Sergiuss. Yes many rules for WWII came out in the recent years but l think RF! is hard to replace.

  5. I love this! Thanks for the master class Joao.

    1. You dont need to thanks for the master, master :)