Saturday, 1 October 2016

Rapid Fire! Russian Contemporary Wars in 1/72nd scale - 3D T-72 BV from Mario Laranja's ...3D printer.

Last toys to arrive are these 3D prints by my friend Mario Laranja. In order to see his awesome work you should pay a visit to his blog

and drool at paper tank models, houses and such.

If you are close enough to Algarve you just yell his name anywhere and someone will lead you to him.

As soon as Brigada Tripeira spy network informed me that Mario had bought a 3D printer I asked him for 10 T-72 BV. I had the pleasure to pick from his house this first group of 4  and look at his fantastic latest material like other 3D tanks in 15mm and card houses.

The only parts I asked him not to print were the MG's and the open turret hatches as I have some left overs from other models. 

The white plastic doesn't let see the level of detail of these 3D prints but you will see after painting that these are really good.

The usual few extras like antennae, MG and torsos with GreenStuff arms.

The final result is great and with only two parts - turret and hull - you can't have an easier model. 

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