Sunday, 21 April 2019

Rapid Fire! France 1940 in 20mm - British reinforcements from Minigeneral and a few other bits

The British prepare another counter-attack close to the village of L'Infanterie-N'Arrive-Pas. Unfortunately for the Allies in this campaign this 'village' happened too many times.

The Minigeneral model of the A13 MkII is a beauty. Finally I can soon finish my 1st AD thanks to the printers of Pedro Pato. Still 13 to go but I hope to have them finished in the next few months. After these still some 15 MKVI light tanks are still missing.

All essential details are present in the Minigeneral model. I just added the usual antenna, crewman and some stowage.

For the crew you just need to glue some new hatches made of plastic. The model also needs some time to clean from the printing fibres but after some 5 minutes its ready to prime. The crewmen are resin copies of the PSC figures.

The 18 pdr gun was still numerous in the BEF. I used a conversion from Emhar WW1 model with crew and Morris tow from Airfix.

Some artillery men are extras from the 3 inch mortar crew from Zvezda.  

For the WW2 Version of the 18 pdr you need to place the wheels axle a bit down from the original place. I used some old Atlantic soft plastic wheels I had around for maybe 40 years (is it possible? I'm that old?...).

The crew received anti-gas mask bags made from two component paste.

 Each of the Airfix Morris C8 had a crewman from Esci with new arms. Also the mud guards of the trailer were carved out for the 18 pdr version and its top desguised with stowage.

The Scout Carriers are (left) BPM and (right) an Airfix conversion. The 3 inch mortar is Zvezda.

The Airfix Carrier (here on the left) is an easy conversion from the original Universal Carrier. You just need to carve the left side panel and replace it with two boxes. To this one I added some front lights, a Bren LMG and an antenna. All crew are Esci with new arms in both carriers.

Next: wether some WW2 desert Italians or French 1940.


  1. Very nice work! (as always)

    I have a few pieces that began life as my childhood toy or a young man's model and are much older than they should be.

  2. Thanks Ross. I know what you mean :) :) :)

  3. Great work on those models. Are the printed models robust? I am wondering about the gun barrels?

  4. Thanks Snuffles. In fact 3d models are more robust than resin and the plastic in which they are made is very tough. Of course not as hard as metal but they don't bend. I already have dozens of them from several sources and not even one has a broken barrel even after cleaning it by carving.