Friday, 13 September 2019

Rapid Fire! Poland 1939 in 20mm - The first Polish infantry battalion

This RF! infantry battalion is based on the two boxes available from the Hat brand, the infantry and the artillery box, the latter providing mortar crew, telephone operator and officers. Hopefully this will be part one of a total of nine parts, as nine were the battalions in a 1939 Polish Infantry division. These battalions were particularly large, 1000 men strong, which makes companies of 14 figures.

The uniform was painted with Vallejo Khaki Grey. I followed mostly the colours of the Polish reconstitution groups as they look pretty accurate.

 The "salamander" colour for the helmet is a mix of GW green with a little silver and the canvas stowage was painted Vallejo Dark Yellow. 

No 81mm mortars exist in the big 96 figures box of Hat Polish infantry. That can be explained as they were relatively rare (only 20 in a entire infantry division) but Hat provides four of the cute 46mm mortar per box. I built a few 81mm mortars in Evergreen plastic card and used the figures of the artillery box as crew. They are enough for the entire division I hope to build.

 Here they are painted and ready to defend mother land. 

 The sniper was leaned against a big bush for obvious reasons. They were rare and maybe two or three will be enough for the entire division. All other will have their telescopes cut and will serve in the normal infantry companies.

The bycicle platoon have bycicles from the Airfix command post set. 

 The command group have a mix of both Hat Polish boxes. 

Next; more Polish armour and airplanes.


  1. Looks great! Quite by coincidence I am also painting up a 1939 Polish unit for use with RF! I too am basing it around the HaT infantry and artillery boxes but adding 3 boxes of First to Fight Poles (PL1939-023 = command, PL1939-025 = 37mm AT gun and PL1939-025 = support weapons which includes an 81mm mortar). I'll print out some Polish tanks and vehicles from Thingiverse. Are you going to build any cavalry units?

    1. Oh, I also have a box of HaT 8173 Putolov 76mm guns, one of HaT 8245 100mm howitzers and boxes of Strelets M095 "Polish People's Army" and M130 "Polish Blue Army" that have most of the figures wearing the traditional soft Polish square-topped rogatywka cap so will flex into my 1939 army. I also am painting a box of HaT 8287 British colonial two horse supply wagons that I will use with each platoon/company.

    2. I also thought about the FTF but in the mean time I've amassed 6 boxes of Hat Polish Infantry and I have to do something with 600 figures! I already built a number of tanks, tankettes and other vehicles from FTF and also I'm about to build my last polish fighter, a pzl7. I already have a pzl11, 2x Karas and a pzl 37. Regarding cavalry I'll use the Hat French cavalry from ww1 with a few changes.

    3. Regarding artillery I'll go with you on Russian and Austrian /German artillery from Hat.

  2. FtF has now produced uhlans on horses, HaT 8173 Putolov 76 mm - only as infantry operations in Infantry Regiments and Horse Artillery Squadrons, in Light Infantry Regiments in Infantry Divisions former Schneider wz. 1897 cannons, haubic HaT 8245 100 mm - better to give cannons without wheel covers skrzynkami Strelets M095 „Polskiej Armii Ludowej” i M130 „Polskiej Niebieskiej Armii” - they are not suitable, too many differences, HaT and FtF are better