Monday, 23 May 2011

1815 French army in 28mm

3rd, 6th and 2nd lancer Regiments (Irregular Miniatures) with a Perry General (Cambronne). As you can see Irregular 28mm goes well with others.All this figures, and the previous Prussian army and the future British, are based to the "Age of Eagles" rule set.La Grand (well la petite...) Battery (Irregular Miniatures) with General Saint-Maurice (Perry Min.) giving orders.

This one had to appear: General Maximilien Foy, hero of Buçaco (poor picture but great guy).

Jerôme Bonaparte (Perry), looks like his big brother, but regarding talent...

II Armée (Reille), with some brigades still missing. The last brigade is represented by a Legére Rgt made of Hat bodies and Perry heads (all french).

Marcognet talking to Quiot (Perry).

Durutte talking to Donzelot (Irregular Miniatures).

I Armée (D´Érlon), also with some Brigades still missing.

Jeune Garde with General Duhesme (Perry plastics and metal, and some Victrix mounted officers).

Cambronne ( "Va te faire foutre" he probably said at the end - an hommage to that great portuguese player, Paulo Futre, made in Sporting C.P. of course).

La Vieille Garde, Chasseurs 1st and then Grenadiers (all Victrix plastics), Michel, Christiani and Friant near the camera (Perry). Next I will show you my DAK in 20mm.

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