Saturday, 28 May 2011

Matchbox 1/72nd scale Corvette converted to Destroyer

This is the heavily scratchbuilt Destroyer based on the 1/72nd Matchbox Corvette. The different parts are made out of Evergreen plastic. This is a piece to use on beach landing support Wargames with D-Day in mind.
The 7 last photos are of another kit built straight from the box .


  1. Fantastic job, really good work. I recognize the sailors from the Airfix Landing Craft, but the other sailors ?

    Did you convert other figures into sailors ?

    I could swear some of those sailors look like they were once ACW figures..... :-)


    1. Thanks John. Im John too (João).As far as i can remember all figures are hard plastic WWII. Some of them have heads replaced and arms bended and such but no figures from ACW.