Monday, 12 September 2011

ACW -Fire and Fury- 1/72nd scale anti-crisis artillery

After building some 40 sets of artillery for the ACW, limbers included, I started looking at emptying surplus stocks of  related items and also saving some money.

This is how you can do it:

1. Pick  some wheels, 12/14 spokes, 1/72nd scale man height, from whatever artillery XIX century set.

2. Find some horses in relaxed poses. Napoleonic artillery ones will do, but carve off  the shabraques that most have.

3. Build the seats, the central and wheels axis and the bucket out of Evergreen. Use a good reference image, but keep it simple.

 4. Pick some old french Esci guns, those we all bought in plenty in the eighties but we used little. Cut the Gribeauval double part of the trail, and glue a Evergreen one part trail, carved and heat-bended to shape. Use the Loctite Super Plastics to bond different plastics. Use surplus napoleonic tubes for the Napoleons 12 Pdr, or build the Whitworth,etc out of Evergreen.

5. Add some of the detail from Evergreen pieces and GreenStuff (the ropes in the middle of the gun trail and  saddles).

6. Most of the artilleryman are converted Revell pioneers or Italeri cavalryman.

7. Some Airfix resin cast figures, and some metal Irregular Miniatures also...

8. Et Voilá.

9.No, it´s no oil leak. I'm using Black Krylon Super Plastics for priming.


  1. This looks like a good idea!

  2. I certainly agree - a great idea and apparently with an excellent result.

    However you need to have excess material to make these adaptations.I start to get the feeling that the remains of older models also turn out to be important - damn .. I got rid of everything..._:)

    I hope to see the final result ...-:)

    Best regards

  3. Excellent! Great idea very well performed!