Tuesday, 20 September 2011

ACW -Fire and Fury- 1/72nd scale Terrain and Markings for Gettysburg

This is the Gettysburg Seminary. It´s made of card with glued windows and doors and with a Kinder egg container as the cuppola.

Now the Cemitery Archway, the famous entrance to Cemitery ridge. Also made of card.

The 1st house is made of card. The other ones are resin houses of Serra da Estrela, a Portuguese touristic place, black primed and painted like XIX century american houses.

These two houses are 20mm metal Irregular Miniatures.

Several kinds of protection or hinderance for movement.
Top: Irregular Miniatures snake fence and fenced stonewall.
Bottom: Scratch built snake fence and stonewall.

The kind of grit stonewalls are made of.

Markings for Fire and Fury, from top to bottom:
- Charging officer (plastic)
- Reloading/little ammo (plastic)
- Dead/disordered (Irregular Miniatures).


  1. Bem, agora já ninguém pode dizer nada acerca da qualidade das fotos, carago! Parabéns!
    P Casimiro

  2. Magnifico cenário.
    A BT tem de arranjar umas regras simples para podermos fazer uns jogos GCA.


  3. Fantastic buildings!