Friday, 30 September 2011

ACW- Fire and Fury- 1/72nd Eustis and Wheaton´s brigades in Gettysburg

The two last brigades for the Union VI Corps (Sedgwick´s): Eustis (in front, with Massachussets white  flag) and Wheaton´s.

Flag bearers can be easily made from loading figures. Paper flags can easily be printed from the numerous excellent sites available in the Web .

You can also use Confederate figures for Union and vice-versa, in a way that if you have hundreds of stands each can still be unique.

 Now only XII Corps is missing for the Union and 2 brigades for the Rebs. But still 31 artillery pieces and limbers(F*****).


  1. Fantastic painting again.

  2. Excellent work JP.
    Can we expect a full out exposition with the entire ACW models????