Wednesday, 5 October 2011

ACW- Fire and Fury- 1/72nd command stands and crisis artillery

Now for some last command stands.

Lee and staff, inspired on a painting by Mort Kunstler.
Lee is a Strelets R figure on an Italeri horse.

General Ewell, one of the most blamed for the Gettysburg results. With justice?
Ewell (center figure)  is made out of a torso from Revell, legs from an Italeri horseman and a horse also from Italeri.

And finally Union General Sedgwick, VI corps commander (Strelets R).

Here are the last "crisis artillery" stands I managed to do. I remembered to look at some soldier boxes my friend  Jorge Faria (from Brigada Tripeira) gave me and I found some napoleonic artillery from Esci and Airfix among hundreds of other figures for other ages.

That allowed me to do 5 more groups (gun+limber), two to finish VI corps artillery, and three to do all XII corps artillery.

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