Tuesday, 1 January 2013

AOE 20mm - Heudelet 2nd division + Cavalry Bgde, P.Soult - Battle of Buçaco 1810

After Merle Division, here comes Gen. Heudelet Division and Soult Cavalry brigade, thus finishing Reynier Corps.

The larger houses at the far end are paper typical houses. I have these since I can remember and recently they were based and retouched with paint and PVA glue. They are Ok for places like Santo António do Cântaro and Pendurada, the places from were Reynier columns left for the attack.

The smaller houses are resin made and were bought in a Serra da Estrela handicraft shop and repainted.

Here it comes Gen. de Brigade M.S. Foy ahead of his 17eme Légere, after being spiked by his superior officer, Gen. Reynier, to attack. Most of the figures are Italeri and Foy itself is based on the Airfix American officer of the war of independence.

70eme de Ligne follows. Mostly Hat.

 2nd Corps commander, General Jean -Louis Reynier, watching the heights of Buçaco. Italeri figures.

Arnould Brigade: 31eme Légere ahead (most of the figures are Zvezda and Esci and Airfix Imperial guardsmen with ESCI shakos), 47eme Ligne following (Hat).

 Soult cavalry Brigade: Hanoverian Chasseurs (Revell Household cavalry with ESCI shakos) ; 22eme Chasseurs à cheval (same recipe as before) ; 1er Hussares (Italeri) and 8th Dragoons (ESCI).

Tête de Colone of the 31eme Legére.  The ESCI and Airfix guardsmen are great for light or line elite companies when shakos are placed on them.

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