Tuesday, 30 April 2013

20mm Rapid Fire! Panzer III Auf G/H additions to the DAK

Latest additions to the Afrika Korps, namely some PSC Pz III Auf G.

They are marked as for the 21PD. My 15PD is virtually finished and now its time for the other half of the DAK panzer divisions.

The kits from PSC are a joy to build and also pretty accurate. I only placed an antennae, stowage, some sand bags at the front, extra tracks for protection and - unfortunately but for the sake of history- a nazi flag at the rear.

When printing flags I prefer a low quality print as the colours will tone down and will suit better the smaller scale.


  1. Ora vê lá como um conjunto de palmeiras dá logo outro ar às coisas, embora cá para mim aquelas palmeiras têm pinta de terem sido "transferidas" do teu diorama do Pacífico...
    É só batota...