Monday, 8 April 2013

Friend's gift part 2 - Rapid Fire! DAK vehicles revamped

These are the first few vehicles from Jorge Faria collection given to me a few weeks ago.
They were repainted with diluted colours over mostly original Panzer Grey. Like this you can duplicate the real painting of german mid-war AFV´s that were initially painted Panzer Grey and then other colours were applied.
Thick card bases and details were added. These details include stowage, jerrycans, antennae and crew.

For now a few PzII, PzIII, PzIV, StugIIIC, a PzI Cmdo, Sdkfz 231, Sdkfz 11 and a Opel Blitz can be added to the DAK. The main idea is to make the 3 main divisions: 15PD; 21PD and 90Light division, as well as Ramcke brigade, mainly around El Alamein but with the possibiltity of wargaming all the desert campaigns.

Most of the heavier vehicles are already made, with many PzIII still missing. The main fault up to the moment are the infantry battalions of which I could only make 3.

Sdkfz 231 and PzI Cmdo with lots of small details added and conversions. If you slice a piece of Evergreen rod in oblique direction you can have a nice support for antennae as you can see in the Sdkfz 231. The PzI crewman is a ESCI figure with Valiant head. The crewman in the 8 wheeled vehicle is one of the drivers of the ESCI King Tiger. They were glued to the top of the vehicles and hatches were made out of Evergreen.

The Stug III C. I replaced the very thin short 75mm gun with one from the Airfix PzIV. You need only one in RF! terms as only a handfull of them were used in the desert. This one is a Nitto/Fujimi kit with a crewman from ESCI.


  1. Ouvi dizer que na praia do Molhe (Porto) há muita areia fresquinha, caso queiras fazer um cenário decente para exibires os teus "novos" veículos do deserto...

  2. Não te molhe(s) tu com algum sonho húmido com alguma das minhas fantásticas miniaturas👙👙👙

  3. They look splendid!

    Kind regards, Chris.