Friday, 12 April 2013

Friend's gift part 3 - Rapid Fire! More DAK vehicles revamped

These are the latest vehicles Jorge Faria gave me and the ones that will fit the Afrika Korps. Once again they were repainted, details and crew added  and some of them heavily transformed.

From back to front:
Sdkfz 251's, Sdkfz 69´s, Sdkdz 222´s, Sdkfz 250´s, Kubelwagens, BMW R-75 and Kettenkrad.

The 251/7 was altered with some valiant crew and stowage besides basing and a new paint job.

Jorge Faria gave me two 250´s. One of them was the 250/9 with a turreted 20mm gun, the same as in the 222´s. That turret went to an Airfix 222 (left)  you can see in the first photo, which allow for that kit to have an open turret.

 That one became the above obscure 75mm IG SP of which no photo is available, at least up to the moment, authorities say. The gun was made in Evergreen rod and tubing, following a Britannia model I have. Plastic crew, antennae, etc were also added.

The other one was armed with a French 25mm AT gun made in Evergreen. This one was easier as there is some photographic evidence of the vehicle.

The palm trees are an hommage to PC who was very sad and could not sleep for some days after seeing  last post with a completely bare landscape.


  1. Estou passado...
    Tu achas que colocar duas árvores esqueléticas num fundo branco equivale a um cenário?
    Estou a ver que a crise no Sporting está a ter efeitos mais graves do que eu pensava nos seus adeptos...principalmente nos gajos que moram em Coimbra.