Friday, 21 June 2013

Pineapple Miniatures, 1/32nd scale 6pdr cannon and flags, Bussaco 1810

Latest from Pineapple:  6pdr portuguese cannon.

And a few more...

Portuguese infantry flag (bandeira esquartelada):

and company....

If you want some of these rush quickly to the Military Museum of Bussaco, before they are sold out. And remember only there you can find these exquisite models. Other parts of the world are completely "depineappled".


  1. I saw the picture of the 1/32 cannon and I was away, transported to my childhood and my 1/32nd Napoleonic stuff stroon across the floor at home. Thanks, great post.

  2. I have already had some pineapple miniatures, they are really good, and I would love to see that museum soon...

  3. I´m here and waiting ( crazy emoticon with the tongue out)