Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Rapid Fire! 20mm scale British 7th Armoured Division in Normandy - 4thCounty of London Yomanry

This post completes 22nd armoured brigade and refers to the 4th CLY, the famous unit almost destroyed single handed by the even more famous Michael Wittman and his Tiger.

Here they come along that narrow lane...

The M-3 Stuart are Frontline Wargaming with plastic MG and sand bags.

The Fireflies are Armourfast with Valiant commanders with styrene headphones.

Some of the Cromwell have the PSC Sherman commander, the best around in my opinion.

C company joins the other...

Once again Hessian Tape  is made out of putty. Stowage comes from all possible places, including putty, surplus parts and  different positioned parts.

Rear view of the unit. The houses are cheap resin castings repainted to look northern France. 

The Cromwell CS 95mm have their gun made of Evergreen tubing and plastic surplus parts. I used for measurements the Centaur (Revell) I´ve made for supporting Lord Lovat´s Commandos on D-Day.

 The Cromwell CS and the CO Cromwell  didn't fit the initial photo. These two brings the total of the unit to 13 vehicles.

This unit also received several Valiant British infantry backpacks spread throughout all vehicles, both in the turret and in the hull.

Huiii... Look who is coming for a visit directly from Hasegawa, Japan...


  1. Exciting stuff. It could be the embodiment of one of Donald Featherstone's opening tales of war-gaming from his books. The games afoot!