Monday, 19 August 2013

Rapid Fire! 20mm Tunisia 1943 - US Mechanised Infantry Battalion

Just a few more models for Tunisia 1943 before a few days out. These are some M-3 HT and a few 37mm A/T guns.

Once again there is a mix of old material of mine not yet built and painted and some offerings by JMM and JF. 

This is the classic Hasegawa M-4A1 mortar carrier turned into an M-3 by carving out the winch and mounting an Evergreen unditching roller.
Crew are different scales Revell, Matchbox, Airfix and Irregular Miniatures all happily living together.

This one is a resin Milicast M-3 with added metal sand bags. The winch was also replaced by the roller.

The Italeri M-3 with a crewman with a Valiant british body and American head, looking curious at the camera, Robert de Niro style asking "are you talking to me?...".

The 37mm guns are Hasegawa and Fujimi with Irregular Miniatures crews.

This is the final idea. The infantry is Airfix, Atlantic, Esci and Revell. I have six such battalions, with 6 extra figures (15 total) per company to make Omaha beach D-Day assault companies.


  1. I really like this. It's got the feel of a cohesive unit ready for action. Great.

    1. I like to build and paint a full unit like you said. It makes me read more and keep the interest on the subject.

  2. Good work. Boas férias. -:)